The Vision

We believe that any person who is prepared to experience and test themselves in extreme conditions from camping to climbing, from surfing to swimming, should have the opportunity to experience comfort following discomfort. Our product demand has also evolved to appeal to the less extreme user, dog walkers, sitting outside in the cooler evenings, beach activities, even wheelchair users. We seem to appeal to any lifestyle user.

A few words spring to mind when I consider the place I call home: cold, damp and wet most of the time and occasionally the sun comes out.

Of course Ireland is also beautiful; it’s pure, natural and often mystical, but these are not the adjectives that sprung to mind one wintery November afternoon as I fled the resilient, icy surf of the North Antrim Coast. Having braved the extreme conditions with my two sons, back in the car park – trembling with cold and wrestling to get out of my wetsuit without being arrested for exposure – I thought once again of how I could protect myself from the elements. I wanted literally to cocoon myself – insulate and shield myself from the elements. And so Coucon was born!

Almost immediately I began to investigate the market; however, I was left feeling frustrated and disappointed by the lack of durable yet dynamic products available throughout the UK and Ireland. Yes, there were cotton robes and protective layers, but nothing that, to my mind, would completely protect the wearer from the wet and wild conditions experienced when living life to the extreme! I wanted a product that was innovative, versatile and reliable. So, after sourcing material, and designing a prototype locally – here in Northern Ireland – our first Coucon was ready.  

It has been a busy few years, refining, developing and learning in order to meet the needs of our customers. And, there’s still work to be done. The journey is not over. Here at Coucon Outdoor we are committed to providing you with the means to live life to the fullest. We want you to have a product that can be used as a life style garment. The Coucon robe is designed and manufactured by hand in the North Antrim Coast of Ireland. Many of our competitors manufacture their product in Asia, and the far East. We could take the manufacture to Asia, but have decided that we want our product handmade here in Ireland where it was designed with passion and commitment. 

We have a limited level of manufacture as we do not mass produce the robe. It is made by hand and means our supply will be limited. At this stage we can supply the demand and intend to maintain quality even at the expense of supply. We continue to strive to provide our customers with the opportunity to own a luxury Coucon robe, designed by and for outdoor lifestyle people.

The Product

The Coucon is a versatile and dynamic outdoor sports robe designed to meet the needs of swimmers, runners, surfers, triathletes, sailors, fishermen, campers, festival-goers and mountaineers…actually, anyone and everyone can benefit from Coucon’s robust protection, which features:

  • A lightweight water-resistant Nylon PU exterior to offer substantial protection from the elements without becoming cumbersome;
  • 100% polyester simulated Lamb’s Wool interior (with anti-pill finish), designed for optimum comfort and warmth;
  • Slider-zipped arm openings to ensure movement is not inhibited;
  • A hood, featuring a zip and extended pull to allow individual adjustment;
  • Long length to maximise cover;
  • Inside pocket to store important items;
  • A handy drawstring bag to store your Coucon, which, when packed, is no larger than a small sleeping bag.
  • Snug internal pockets.

The Coucon is also available is both medium, large, and junior sizes, and can be purchased in a range of colours: Navy, Burgundy, Electric Blue, Camouflage, Pink, Purple, Black and Red.

The Possibilities

Insulate yourself as you change after a refreshing dip in the ocean; keep cosy and enjoy dinner on the beach with friends as the day draws to a close; or stay dry while waiting on the side-lines.  Connect to life in the outdoors. With the Coucon your possibilities are simply endless!